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Our ketamine (sugar) type is best. This is very potent ketamine, in a amazingly fine white sugar. Very pure!


– Send with priority mail, fits every mailbox
– Very good stealth
– Shipping method is 99,5% safe (worldwide)
– Vacuum sealed securely, if needed multiple times
– Cleaned with alcohol to keep your package and sealed product odorless
– Estimated shipping time in U.S. 9-10 workdays, outside U.S 10-20 workdays
– Tracking only possible for all orders for now

Refund Policy
We try to deliver perfect quality drugs for very good prices. Therefore we cannot do refunds or 100% reships. up to 60% reship is ONLY possible for honest customers who have at least 1 prior order in case your package doesnt show up.

ketamine (r): 70% reship
ketamine (s): 70% reship
crystal meth: 50% reship

Please make sure you send us the right address (and encrypted!), we dont do refunds or reships for wrong send addresses!

Terms & Conditions

All purchases of physical items from is best (K) are made pursuant to a shipment agreement with a our company. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon delivery to the carrier by the our company. (if done in an appropriate and agreed upon manner) if this is not the case, the our company is responsible for replacement or product or service.

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