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Find out everything you can about Ativan

Ativan has been on the market for several years now. It’s a brand name for Lorazepam and although more advanced benzodiazepines have been available since, it is still very widely prescribed by doctors as they find it excellent when anesthesia is to be administered since it can lower anxiety and also how much anesthesia does a patient require.

Ativan is generally used to treat anxiety disorders, especially panic ones. It works very quickly and it is very successful in lessening any symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks. Another use for Ativan is treating hard cases of insomnia, especially if it is preceded by anxiety prior to sleep. In those cases, this drug is very effective and usually prescribed as it can not only relieve a person of anxiety, but also it can promote sleepiness.

First, talk to your doctor about taking this drug and if it is safe or not for you. Do this even if you plan to order it from the web. It is possible that you belong to a  people who are allergic to Ativan or any other benzodiazepines or that you have some condition that will be worsened if you take this drug. These conditions can be: liver or kidney diseases, some breathing issues, glaucoma or if you have a history of addictions.

This medicine should be used only in a short period of time as a person can become dependent on it. In fact, you shouldn’t take it for more than 3 or 4 weeks. Most of the time, it is prescribed only for a week or so. Because of this and some other risks, you should only take it as your doctor has prescribed it and not deviate from his instructions by changing the dosage or continuing taking it longer than recommended.

Taking this benzodiazepine can promote drowsiness and dizziness so it is vital not to do anything that might put you or people around you at a danger like driving a car as it can severely impair your mental functions. It is especially important not to use drugs or alcohol. Combining these with Ativan can lead to life-threatening situations.

This medication should not be used by anyone without a proper prescription in order to avoid giving it to people who are allergic to benzodiazepines or someone overdosing on it. Also, do not give Ativan to pregnant women or children or people who suffer from some addiction (drug or alcohol).

It is best that you keep this medicine in the box at all times, except when you are planing to take it.

Keep it in a dark and cool place, which should also be relatively dry, so keep it away from sinks or bathtubs. A good medicine locker is the best, if you have any.

If you follow your doctor’s instructions about using this medicine, you will soon find out just how much it can help in relieving one from anxiety or panic disorders.

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